I lost my Mother when I was just ten (10) years old



One More Day

I wish for nothing more
Than just one more day,
For I would give it all,
Just to hear her say.

It's funny how
In life it seems
You take for granted
The most important things.

To feel her close,
And be safe again,
Safe from my own self,
Back with my best friend.

Yes, she was the best,
And at other times the only,
My Friend, you left me here,
And now my heart is lonely.

If you could just come back,
If only for one day,
I'd make sure that I'd listen
To all you had to say.

And now that it's too late,
You cannot speak anymore.
I finally realized,
I should have heard you before.

And if I could do it over,
I'd only change one thing,
I'd tell you that I love you,
And how much joy to me you bring.

No one will ever know
Quite how I feel inside,
And on that day you left,
You weren't the only one who died.

You have always been there, Mom,
And you loved me 'til the end,
So with all my heart and soul,
I love you too, My Friend.

© Mistique Hart


Baby Died During Birth, But Mom Asked To Hold Him; Two Hours Later, She Heard A Gasp Story, and VIDEO


The Newborn Tara, and Mara Alexander
on the day we went home for the first time
(22 yrs ago)

Σ 'αγαπώ αδελφή μου
S 'agapó̱ adelfí̱ mou
I love you my sister


The first time my brother Ryan saw, and was held by daddy, 26 years ago
Σ 'αγαπώ πάρα πολύ τον αδελφό μου
S 'agapó̱ pára polý ton adelfó mou
I love you too my brother



 These two Poems are From  "Grief Poems" at Ellie's Way


 Tara                                   Mara

Mara                         Tara

Me Blonde


 My mother was "Soft Love". She was there to fill our emotional needs. My mom was tender, and kind, and she was always very sincere. I haven't met anyone before, during, or after her existence that was such as she

My mom when she was young-doing Yoga at home
My mother was 100% Greek, but a lot of people asked her if she was Latin or Filipino, and said it was because of her skin, and eyes.

  Tara, and I look a lot like Mom
, only she was better looking

Σ 'αγαπώ τη μητέρα μου
S 'agapó̱ ti̱ mi̱téra mou
I love you my mother



Tara and I get our curly hair from mom


Mom Outside-the wind blowing her hair
She was always neat, and clean, and smelled good.
She didn't like one hair out of place, but let the wind blow it in this photo


Mom casual-at home




Mom as a blonde-Beautiful, and dressed to go out with dad

She cut, and dyed her hair blonde, then let it grow out her natural deep dark brown color

I liked her as both a blonde, and brunette.

She was beautiful to her friends, and family, and greatly/deeply loved.


Dad-up close

 Dad up close.  He’s very handsome, and he still adores his wife, our mom

Σ 'αγαπώ μπαμπά μου
S 'agapó̱ bampá mou
I love you my Daddy


Mara, and grandmother (mom's mom-Evdokia Lontakos)

Σ 'αγαπώ γιαγιά
S 'agapó̱ giagiá
I love you grandma


 I was beautiful when I was  young

Finally Home

To my mom

A beautiful mind that first thought of me
A womb that kept me safe
A smile that exploded
The first time she saw my face

Loving arms that cradled me
Gentle hands that brushed my hair
A contagious, vibrant laugh
That still lingers in the air

Two lips that kissed my banged up knees
And wiped away my tears
A tongue that prayed continuously
Through all my childhood years

Approving eyes that watched me dance
That never missed a show
Ears that listened to all my hurts
Advice that helped me grow

A faith that helped me spread my wings
Her spirit made me strong
Encouragement that made me brave
That helped me write my song

The greatest mom, my truest friend
I wish I could see your smile
Still, today my heart leaps with joy
Because I had you for a while

Thirty-Eight years, spent and gone
A life that briefly touched my own
A smile on her Savior’s face
A soul that’s finally home

by Jamie Zahradnik-Williams

Webmaster Mara Alexander
©Mara Alexander 2015
Poems ©Ellie's Way
Poem ©Jamie Zahradnik-Williams

Poem © Mistique Hart