Our mom had two gold necklaces, one that had her first name on it, and one that had her middle name.  One day after an outdoor party she went to, she couldn't find her necklaces, and was upset about it. After we searched for, and couldn't find them, she bought two more that were a lot like the first ones. Three months later she found the first ones, and said it happened so she wouldn't have to choose who to leave them to.  So when mom passed away Tara, and I got them. We are wearing them in lot of the pictures

Mara and Tara

My Sister, Myself
We emerged from the same egg, we are one in separate bodies
We are able to see ourselves more clearly than most
You are my mirror, and I see you as others do
That's how I learned to like myself, because I liked you
I love you, and therefore myself
We are one, experiencing double blessings
Mara and Tara, 22 year old identical twins


Mara's on the left, and Tara's on the right
Childhood Pictures
Me growing, but still small
Messing With Friends
Peace Man
Young Tara Brushing Her Teeth

Pretty Tara

I love my dad, and brother with all my heart, but I could never love anyone as much as I love, and adore Tara. When she's not around I feel incomplete, and even empty. You can't possibly understand unless you're like us

Mara on Ryan's Bike (Ryan is my Brother)
Above-Mara's Blonde Days

Tara Posing With Other Students For Our Year book-Freshman Year
(Above, and Below)









Our faces change, and are never the same..We are Shape Shifters
We seem to have the ability to change our physical form at will