Mara Alexander     
I'm Mara Debra Alexander, and I'm twenty-two years old, a freshman in College. and part of an American military family

When my dad retired from the United States Air Force, his rank was E-8 SMSgt  The SMSgts are expected to perform as a superintendent or manager. Broad management skills are essential to exercising the responsibilities of the higher leadership positions in which SMSgts serve. The average service-wide active duty time for advancement to the rank of Senior Master Sergeant is over 20 years.

So needless to say, I'm very proud of my dad. He is a wonderful provider for his family, a protector of our nation, and a hero. He was my hero long before he was a military hero. I love you daddy.
We've lived overseas in: Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Greenland, Spain, Belgium, and the Netherlands.
Those are the ones where we lived. Some places longer than others. He went to some dangerous countries where he wouldn't allow us to go

We got assistance from the AFAS (air force aid society) with housing, and school.
I received a lot of my education overseas, but I graduated high school, and I’m going to college in the states, and the Air Force is paying for my education

I'm going to school to become an attorney first, and a Judicial judge as soon as I can.
Before I can enter law school I have to get my 4 year bachelor’s degree to prepare for law school. I’m taking political science, sociology, history, business and economics. These are my undergraduates so I can get into law school. In the end I want to be a judge, but it takes great grades to get in law school, and I haven’t been here that long.  I’ve got a long road ahead of me. Since we were in another country when I should have been in school, I started later than most. I'm twenty-two, and only a freshman in college. Most freshmen are anywhere between eighteen, and twenty.

I have an identical twin sister and her name is Tara. She goes to the same school as I do, and is also studying to be an attorney. The only difference, she wants to go on to be a district attorney (DA), and represent the government in the prosecution of criminal offenses.

Both judge, and DA are "elected officials"
Wish us luck,
Mara D. Alexander

Daughter(s) of Mr. & Mrs James Alexander, SMSgt