Our Dorm Suite

My Room
Housing Services helped me decorate my bedroom. They have models, and we pick the room we like, then they sell us all of the accessories, and we set it up just like the model or not. We can change it around if we like. This picture was taken for the brochure so I could get everything at a reduced price. I agreed because our dorm suite wasn't listed with it, and no one knows which room or suite belongs to which student(s)

Dyan's Room
Dyan decorated her own bedroom, and saved a lot of money. She put a dresser at the end of her bed, and hung a poster from the ceiling for more of a cozy sleeping area

Our Dorm-Suite Model Layout-For 2 to 4 People
It costs a lot less for 4 people, but Dyan, and I both value our privacy
and felt the extra cost was well worth it. We split the cost in half, and we love the fact we have a living room
We even have a sink, and microwave to the right as we enter our dorm. we have a coffee maker too, and a small/tiny refrigerator under the sink. It feels a lot like an apartment. Dyan, and I are friends, so Tara, and I will share a three bedroom apartment off campus with her in 2016. We can't wait

These are some of the ones we’re looking at. They are very close to school

We think we're going for these, they cost more but well worth it

But may have to settle for these

3 Bedrooms $150 deposit
$1725 per month is a cheap $575.00 each person per month, and these are beautiful

Cable is included in the price, and they pay the utilities. It’s a great deal